Sailing Instructions

Sailing Instructions – 2019

1.    At the Yacht Club of Stone Harbor, our primary concern during all sailing events is that the competitors have fun while sailing good races in a safe manner.  YCSH has dedicated race management and an attentive patrol committee committed to providing such good and safe racing.   

2.    All our races are sailed under the published Racing Rules of Sailing 2017 to 2020.  Sailors are responsible for knowing these rules and for complying with them.  The US Sailing website maintains current information and members can obtain it at  Sailors need to be aware that for MAYRA events, the MAYRA Regatta Sailing Instructions may modify the YCSH rules.     

3.    In order to compete, your boat must have an official, legible sail number properly displayed.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification.  Each boat shall carry a tow line that is at least 50 feet in length and all other equipment required by the boat’s national class organization.  

4.    The combined races of the Summer Series including the “Intergalactics” and Commodore’s Regatta will be scored for becoming Club Champion.  In order for a boat to qualify for series scoring that boat must have a YCSH member on board. The Interclub Series Champion will be an eligible member of either the Yacht Club of Stone Harbor or the Avalon Yacht Club.  Eligibility will be under their respective club rules.  In order for a boat sailing in a race to be scored in that race, an eligible club member must be the helmsman.   Visiting yachtsmen are welcome and encouraged to participate.  They will only be scored if they qualify as described above.   

5.    The Race Committee and the Sailing Committee reserve the right to make changes to race dates and times and to these sailing instructions. Changes will be posted on the Sailing Committee Bulletin Board at YCSH.  We use Daylight Savings Time and tide predictions for the 96th Street Bridge.  For the Great Sound, add approximately 30 minutes to the listed tide predictions.  

6.    Because of tide constraints, in the event that all boats in a race have not finished, the Race Committee has the right to award finishing positions, in order to start the next race.  For local fleet races, the Race Committee will abandon any race if no boat has rounded the first mark after 30 minutes.  The Race Committee will also abandon any race if no boat has finished a race within 60 minutes of a start. Any boat not finishing within 15 minutes of the first boat in a fleet will be scored DNF.  

7.    The Flying Scot Fleet modifies RRS Rule 44 (Taking a Penalty) to replace the “Two-turn penalty” with a “One-turn penalty” (360 degrees).  NOTE:  This is a club sailing rule which may not apply to MAYRA or special events where you are referred to separate Sailing Instructions.  

8.    For our two extended series, the Summer Series and the AYC/YCSH Interclub Series, we use the High Point Percentage Scoring System as described at:  We score other regattas using the Low Point System published in Appendix A of the Racing Rules of Sailing.  

9.    In order to qualify for final scoring in the two extended series a boat shall compete in (i.e. come to the starting area for) at least 65% of the total races completed in the series.  Scoring will be as follows:   Define N as the number of boats that compete in a race.  Each boat finishing that race and not thereafter retiring or being disqualified will be scored as follows:  
Finishing place                  Score
First                                    N
Second                               N-1
Third                                   N-2
Fourth                                 N-3
Each place thereafter         Subtract 1 point  
All other boats that compete in that race, including any that finish and thereafter retire or are disqualified, will score 0 points. Boats that do not compete in that race (DNC) will not be scored.   For each series we have scheduled 18 races for 2019.  In each series, after a boat has completed 12 races in a series she may exclude her worst score.  After completing 15 races, she may exclude an additional score.  When an Interclub Series race is combined with a regatta (such as MAYRA Champs), the first 3 races will be recorded for the Interclub Series for boats eligible in item 4, above.   The series score for each boat will be a percentage calculated as follows: divide the sum of her race scores by the sum of the points she would have scored if she had placed first in every race in which she competed; multiply the result by 100. The qualified boat with the highest series score is the winner, and others are ranked accordingly.  

10.  We use the Sound-Signal Starting System (Appendix Q of the Racing Rules of Sailing) i.e. the 3 minute system.