Open Sailing/Weekend Racing

Sailboats and sailboat racing date back to the founding of the Yacht Club in the late 1920’s. Today our fleet racing is open to all members and, in addition to the Flying Scot fleet, we are happy to accommodate separate race starts and scoring for any fleet of three or more boats. Youth sailors as well as adult sailors are welcome.

We generally race every Saturday in the summer in “the flats” right across from the Yacht Club or out further in the Great Sound. The Flying Scot has become our primary adult race boat replacing the traditional Comets, Cheetah Cats and Sunfish. Because we have tidal waters, the schedule will vary from week to week so please see our race schedule.

Flying Scot Fleet

Our Flying Scot fleet was chartered in 2005 and we have 16 boats at YCSH with two of them being club boats available for use by prospective Scot owners and club members. Our fleet members enjoy both cruising the local waters and racing “around the marks” on Saturday afternoons. These races are also open to experienced sailors (members) who wish to use the club boats to try out a Flying Scot. Arrangements can be made by contacting the Club Office and our fleet captain, Linda Nicholson, if you are planning to join the races. Also contact Linda if you would like to have your name on the sailing email list and/or substitute crewing list for Saturdays in the summer.

YCSH is the host for several open regattas every summer. See our sailing schedule for upcoming events and watch for special announcements in the club Blinker.

Sailing Lessons

In addition to youth sailing lessons through our YAP program, the Club offers individual and group learn-to-sail lessons in Flying Scots, Sunfish and 420’s. Arrangements are made by calling the club office at 609-368-1201.

Club-owned Sailboat Information

The Club has a variety of sailboats and kayaks which are available for members to rent on the weekends and at times when YAP classes are not using them. Make arrangements through the club office.

MAYRA and US Sailing Events

The YCSH is a member of the national governing body of sailboat racing, US Sailing, and its regional association, MAYRA. These organizations host local, regional and national events in which our sailors, regatta organizers and Flag Officers participate. In turn we host certain regattas for visiting sailors. 

The Club is also a member of the Flying Scot Sailing Association and Yacht Clubs of America.