Here are some helpful answers to Frequently Asked Questions. For more questions, please contact YAP Director Jeff Merrill at jmerrill@ycsh.org.

2019 YAP Handbook

What’s the difference between Session A & Session B?
Session A is our 4 week, full day (except Fridays) program, which includes a sailing portion of the day and a traditional camp portion of the day.  Session B is 4 week, half day sailing only. Campers in Session B are welcomed to join their class for lunch. Friday is half day for all campers. Afternoon sailing classes will race in the morning on Fridays.   The time of day you sail depends on your class. The class description link has information on whether a class sails in the morning or afternoon. Our Sunfish, Laser, and C420 classes are only available as sailing only.  These sessions are for members only.

What is Session C, D, & E?
These sessions are single week, half day and sailing only.  These sessions are opened to non-members with a member sponsorship.  All classes sail in the morning.

What if there is inclement weather?
Safety is our number one priority!  We actively monitor weather conditions to make sure campers are safe, but we will sail in rain.  Campers should be prepared for those conditions. If there is inclement weather and we are unable to sail we will still have camp.  There are many on land skills that campers can learn and practice. We will use these days as an opportunity to dig into those skills.

What do the fleet colors mean?
Green - Novice sailors - This fleet is open to sailors up to age 15 who are just starting their experience in regattas. This fleet is instructional and focuses on participation and the learning experience.  
White - 10 & under
Blue - 12 & under
Red - 15 & under

What time does camp run?
Full day camp runs from 9:30 - 3:00 Monday -Thursday  9:30 - 12:30 Friday½ day camp runs 9:30 - 12:30