Class Descriptions

  • Little YAP
    • LITTLE YAP Ages 4 – 5 (Must be 4 yrs by May 30, maximum number of children: 24)

      Meets: Monday to Friday from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

      The goal is FUN! The program is a half-day introduction to Youth Activities Program (YAP). The morning includes art & crafts, swimming, story time, group activities and games and lunch. LUNCH IS INCLUDED IN THIS FEE.

  • YAP Beginning & Intermediate Classes
    • *Our class names have changed to reflect the fleets that are included in our MAYRA South Jersey Summer Series regatta schedule.  Sailors are encouraged to take on the challenge of sailing in these events that take place at local yacht clubs on Thursdays starting at the end of June and running through August, but are not required.  Consistent with the overall purpose of our sailing program, participating in the MAYRA SJSS allows our sailors to expand their sailing experiences while forming friendships, learning teamwork, improving self-confidence, and developing other life skills. Sailors participate for different reasons and place at the top, middle, and bottom of fleets at regattas. Some sailors just want to sail. Others enjoy the weekly travel. Others like interactions with racers from other clubs and being part of the team.  For more information on competing in MAYRA regattas, please contact Cindy Roach   At the completion of the class sailors should feel comfortable sailing that fleet in a regatta.

      MATES Ages 6 – 7

      Sailors in Mates will be introduced to the Opti and learn the basics of sailing.  Campers will sail in the safety of our protected basin and get used to steering a boat and controlling the sail.  Typically two sailors in a boat, campers will grow comfortable with sailing while learning practical skills like sailboat parts and points of sail.
      *This class sails in the morning
      Starting & stopping
      Wind direction
      Points of sail
      Boat parts

      Opti Green (formerly beg. opti)Suggested ages 7-9

      Sailors in Opti Green will be building towards racing in Green Fleet if/when they decide to race in a regatta.  Solo sailing in the waters close to the club is a top priority with a focus of tacking. The focus of class will also switch to racing as a fun activity that you can enjoy with friends during our Friday, in-house races.
      *This class sails in the morning
      Points of sail
      Switching sides of boat
      Race course starts
      Finding the wind

      Opti White/Blue (Formerly Int. Opti) Suggested Ages 9-12

      Sailors at this age are starting to really get the hang of their boat.  They are confidently sailing the waters around the club and are looking to get out further on the bay, but there may be some things that still need perfecting.  This class is designed to be flexibly grouped. Some days you might be in the White Fleet working on a skill you need a little practice on, some days you might be in the Blue Fleet learning new skills to add to your sailing tool box.  
      *This class sails in the afternoon
      Roll tacks
      Triangle race courses
      Rules of racing
      Complex rigging
      Powering up/depowering

  • YAP Advanced Sailing Classes
    • OPTI Red (Formerly Advanced Opti) Suggested Ages 11-15

      This class is for racing!  Sailors will be perfecting their technique in a fun and competitive way.  Campers will be learning the ins and outs of racing that will transfer with them when they grow out of Optis and move into larger boats.
      *This class sails in the afternoon
      Roll tacks
      Racing techniques
      Backwards sailing
      Perfecting tactics
      Going fast!

      Intro to LASER/C420 Suggested Ages 12-18

      Sailors will begin to learn about sailing larger boats.  All the same skills apply, we are just changing the size of the boat.  Campers should expect to learn about the Laser (single-handed) and C420 (double handed).  These boats will change the way your child looks at sailing, and reignite their passion for the sport.  There are weight requirements for these boats and must have prior Optimist or Sunfish experience.
      *This class sails in the morning and is only available as ½ day, sailing only.
      Boat parts & handling
      Comfort controlling & rigging boat
      Applying old skills in a new situation.

      Sunfish Suggested Ages 13-18

      This class is designed for sailors who enjoy sailing, but enjoy cruising a little bit more than racing.  Sailors will learn boat parts and controlling a larger boat in a casual setting.  
      *This class sails in the morning and is only available as ½ day, sailing only.
      Solo rigging/derigging
      On-water repairs
      Boat parts
      Dry tipping
      Types of courses

  • Boat Use Fees
    • Boat rental 1 week $70
      4 weeks $280
      Private rack rental (opti, sunfish, kayak) $180
      Private rack - Trailered boat (Laser, C420) $215M

  • Meal Plan
    • Lunch is available for all YAP participants at a fixed cost. Lunch includes: drink, fresh seasonal fruit, entrée, and Chef’s choice of dessert. Meals for Little YAP are included in the session fee. No refunds will be allowed once YAP has finished.

      Meal plan 4 weeks - $192.60
      1 week - $48.15

  • Private Boat Owners Summer Rack Rentals
    • If you have a private boat and would like to store it at YCSH this summer the rates are as follows:

      Optimist, Sunfish, SUP and Kayak – $180/boat

      Laser and C420 – $215/boat

      Flying Scot – $310/boat

For additional information or questions please contact:
Jeff Merrill, YAP Director at